Life made better

Support Planning

Getting Started

We create a personalised support plan to describe how your needs can be met, and options are costed out to help your decision making.

At times, further information may be required to create your support plan. If this is the case, a Care Navigator can discuss this with you either over the telephone or with a visit either to your home or at our office, whichever is more convenient for you

Care Navigation

Setting Up

We advise which local care agencies can meet your needs, implement your personalised support plan and negotiate the best rates on your behalf.

Your service offer includes a telephone call or a visit (if requested) from your Care Navigator to implement your personalised support plan, based around your needs and your choices. We can support you whether it involves receiving support from a care agency, a residential home or recruiting a personal assistant (carer).

Weekly Management

Keeping It Going

We receive and check invoices from your chosen providers and offer support should any financial dispute occur. We will always keep you in the loop, with statements being sent to you every four weeks for your records.

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Free Assessment

We offer a free initial assessment within 24 hours of your enquiry to identify the level of care and support you may need. After we have carried out your personal assessment, we will provide you with a written summary of our discussion with recommendations.

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